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Water-soluble film Rusolvo


 Rusolvo Rufilm

Water-soluble film Rusolvo is intended for use as a purge gas barrier in the process of argon-arc welding. Main advantages of this film compared to water-soluble paper are:

-          Complete dissolution without the residue of it

-          Low price

-          Big-width of the roll

-          It is used with water-soluble glue or with a scotch-tape

-          Without any useable shelf life

-          It can be dissolved at any temperature

Not many people know that when using water-soluble paper the insoluble residue is formed which is from 40% to 60% of its weight and depends on the brand and quality. In some cases, the use of paper as a purge gas barrier in the process of argon-arc welding based on the above is unacceptable. If you want to avoid this problem we recommend you to use Rusolvo Rufilm. The film consists of completely biodegradable materials, dissolves immediately and doesn’t have the residue after its complete dissolution.

Technical specifics you can look up on this link: https://en.rusolvo.ru/products/water-soluble-film/

If you want to order the product please contact us by the email: info@st-e.info ; info@rusolvo.ru

We deliver the product by DHL Company anywhere in the world, terms and transport prices you can find out by contacting us or our representative of DHL Company in your region.  https://www.dhl.com/en.html

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